Wrapping Up the Pemberton Loop

by aviator604

After a quick stop in Chilliwack, it was time to head home on the final leg of the flight. The annual Abbotsford International Airshow was this weekend which meant there was a NOTAM out, restricting the airspace for a 5 nautical mile radius around CYXX. Unfortunately this meant I had to venture out into the busy uncontrolled airspace of the Lower Mainland. I'm not a big fan of flying there as it's full of students and floatplane traffic, and you really need to keep your head on a swivel. Surprisingly, there was no traffic in the Glenn Valley practice area and it wasn't until reaching the eastern edge of Boundary Bay's control zone that I encountered my first traffic sighting. It was close - only about a mile away from me - so I did a 360 degree turn to put some distance between us. There's nothing like a bit of excitement to cap off an otherwise uneventful flight! (See 'The Pemberton Loop' for the first leg of this flight)

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