KRFI to X60

by cverbil

Here are some stats from the trip to deliver 20GF to Williston, which consisted of legs SQL-SJN with an overnight, then SJN-RFI and finally RFI-X60. Flight legs (nm): 660.0, 776.9, 694.3 Speeds on each leg (knots groundspeed, max/avg): 207/168, 231/175, 205/173 Fuel used per leg (gallons): 68.8, 71.3, 69.3 Total distance (nm): 2131.2 Total flight time (hours): 12.3 Average groundspeed (knots): 173.26 Total fuel used (gallons): 209.4 Average MPG: 10.18 Average fuel price (gallon, USD): $4.201 Bottles of water consumed: only four, I need to get better at that Aspirin consumed enroute, to counter the headache effects of not drinking enough water (pills, 325 mg ea): 2 TKS fluid used (gallons): 2.4 Occurrences of frozen elevator trim discovered after three plus hours of cold-soak at -14C cruise: 1 Hours using oxygen: 9.9 Oxygen exhausted through cannula (litres): 1069.2 Weight of oxygen used through cannula (pounds): 3.37 Number of ham radio contacts made on UHF enroute: 4 Time spent in minutes feet wet over Gulf of Mexico: 13 Furthest distance offshore (nm): 9.03 Altitude on Gulf overflight: 13000' MSL Oil used (Exxon Elite, 20W-50, quarts): 1 Duct tape used: about a 4" strip Lowest fuel price (per gallon in USD): $3.499 (but Williston is currently $3.22 and I will buy fuel there when returning to pick up the plane) Flight time for the logbook (hours): 12.4 Night time (hours): 6.0 Actual Instrument (hours): 3.9 Number instrument approaches in IMC: 3 Number of Garmin, Avidyne, or Aspen devices installed or carried in aircraft: 0 SJN wx at arrival (from official NWS records): winds 2305, visibility 5 sm, light rain, sky BKN041 OVC048, temp 43F, dewpoint 40 F, altimeter 30.20 SJN approach minimums for RNAV(GPS) 14: 500/1 see (actual ceiling was somewhat lower than reported) RFI wx at arrival: winds 3606, vis 5, fog, mist, OVC006, 43/41, 30.30 RFI approach mins for RNAV(GPS) 17: 600/1 see (actual in-flight visibility was about 1.5 nm) X60 (Williston) wx at arrival: winds calm, vis 1, fog, OVC004, 61/60, 30.16 X60 approach mins for RNAV(GPS) 23: 500/1 see (saw the airport maybe one mile out, pretty much over 'downtown') Solo flight time spent alone, unarmed, and unafraid: priceless.

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