by Malcom Reynolds

Young Eagles pilot - "Spitfire" Bailey Bailey, a small young lady barely able to see over the glare shield, even with the seat adjusted all the way up, grabbed the controls with gusto and proceeded with some rather unexpected and assertive yanking and banking... The pilot asked, "Bailey, are you having fun?" "Yeah!". Barely noticing the question or somewhat startled pilot to her left, she continued her intent scan back and forth between the maze of instruments and the windows. Again, the pilot dared to break her concentration, "Bailey, are your passengers in the back having fun?" Bailey's mom and dad were motionless and oddly silent in the back seat... "I dunno!", she blurted, never letting her intent stare leave the instruments, then the window, then the instruments... "Bailey, do you care if your parents are having fun?", the pilot to her left asked. "Nope!". Not even a smile, no glance back. Nothing. Only flying. This young lady was having fun, and nobody was going to take that from her! Planet Earth, watch out! Bailey has been unleashed :)

Maximum Altitude Maximum Altitude: Calculating...
Maximum Speed Maximum Speed: Calculating...
 Average Speed:Calculating...
 Distance Traveled:Calculating...
 Air Time:Calculating...
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