Kenora's Hangar

Kenora usually flies
Thorp T18

Recent Photos

Kenora's Flights
2017-May-25 23:25 CYWG to CYWG
2017-May-25 22:48 CJL5 to CWG2
2017-May-25 17:40 CJL5 to CJL5
2017-May-11 21:30 CJB3 to CJL5
2017-May-11 21:14 CA-0040 to CJL5
2017-May-11 21:06 58MN to CJB3
2017-May-04 19:43 CJL5 to CJL5
2016-Jul-09 18:49 CYGM to CJL5
2016-Jul-09 17:47 CJL5 to CYGM
2016-Jun-28 20:49 CJL5 to CJL5
2015-Nov-14 20:14 CJL5 to CJL5
2015-Aug-17 19:14 CYGM to CJL5
2015-Aug-17 18:12 CJL5 to CYGM
2015-Jul-14 17:28 CJL5 to CJL5
2015-Jun-09 17:30 CJL5 to CJL5
2014-Oct-18 21:19 CYGM to CJL5
2014-Oct-18 13:05 CJL5 to CYGM
2014-Oct-09 17:02 Lyncrest to Beausejour and back
2014-Oct-02 19:49 CJL5 to CJL5
2014-Sep-11 17:53 CJL5 to CJL5
2014-Sep-07 22:16 CYGM to CJL5
2014-Sep-07 14:46 CJL5 to CYGM
2014-Sep-05 17:17 CJL5 to CJL5