MarianoGonzalez152's Hangar

Hi! My name is Mariano, I live in Argentina, and I´m PPL since 2016. I really like to make Cross Country flights, and share them with other pilots around the world. My mail is, if you want to contact me. All my flights are in public mode for everyone who want to see them.

MarianoGonzalez152 usually flies
Cessna 150, Cessna 152, and Piper PA38

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MarianoGonzalez152's Flights
2019-Jul-13 19:38 LBI to BAL
2019-Jul-13 18:56 BAL to LBI
2019-Jun-20 18:36 BAL to BAL
2019-Jun-09 19:43 IRA to BAL
2019-Jun-09 18:37 BAL to IRA
2019-Jun-03 14:00 DIO to BAL
2019-May-08 20:03 DIO to BAL
2019-May-08 18:15 BAL to DIO
2019-Apr-22 14:29 BAL to DIO
2019-Mar-31 15:47 MDB to BAL
2019-Mar-31 14:46 IRA to MDB
2019-Mar-31 13:54 BAL to IRA
2019-Mar-22 17:33 MDB to BAL
2019-Mar-22 14:47 BCA to MDB
2019-Mar-22 12:40 BAL to BCA (Part 2)
2019-Mar-22 11:08 BAL to BCA (Part 1)
2019-Jan-15 13:51 MDB to DIL
2018-Dec-05 15:29 MDB to MDB
2018-Nov-19 16:18 MDB to MDB
2018-Nov-04 17:08 CAY to NEC
2018-Nov-04 15:32 YOS to CAY
2018-Nov-04 12:50 NEC to YOS
2018-Nov-01 15:59 MDB to MDB
2018-Oct-09 21:17 NEC to NEC
2018-Sep-25 13:27 MDB to MDB
2018-Sep-20 15:20 MDB to MDB
2018-Sep-13 18:52 MDB to MDB
2018-Aug-20 19:57 NEC to BAL
2018-Aug-20 18:34 CAY to NEC
2018-Aug-20 17:26 JRZ to CAY
2018-Aug-20 14:51 BAL to JRZ
2018-Aug-02 17:00 SAZM to BAL
2018-Aug-02 15:02 SAZT to SAZM
2018-Aug-02 13:23 BAL to SAZT
2018-Jun-20 16:08 MDQ to BAL
2018-Jun-20 14:55 BAL to MDQ
2018-Mar-30 18:23 BAL to DIO
2018-Mar-13 16:27 MDQ to BAL
2018-Mar-13 15:55 MDB to MDQ
2018-Mar-13 12:54 BAL to MDB
2018-Mar-10 17:09 GES to BAL
2018-Mar-10 12:47 BAL to GES
2018-Feb-25 19:58 ZUL to BAL
2018-Feb-25 12:43 BAL to ZUL
2018-Jan-16 16:13 MDQ to NEC
2018-Jan-16 14:21 GES to MDQ
2018-Jan-16 12:55 VDL to GES
2018-Jan-16 11:23 NEC to VDL
2017-Dec-27 15:35 DIL to NEC
2017-Dec-27 14:40 NDL to DIL
2017-Dec-27 13:56 DIO to NDL
2017-Dec-27 11:38 NEC to DIO
2017-Dec-23 15:42 BAL to NEC
2017-Dec-23 14:04 LBI to BAL
2017-Dec-23 13:09 CAY to LBI
2017-Dec-23 11:48 NEC to CAY
2017-Nov-11 17:36 DOL to BAL
2017-Nov-11 12:58 BAL to DOL
2017-Sep-15 18:57 SAZA to SAZO
2017-Sep-15 14:28 SAZF to SAZA
2017-Sep-15 13:13 SAZO to SAZF (Parte 2)
2017-Sep-15 12:23 SAZO to SAZF (Parte 1)
2017-Sep-07 18:48 MDB to NEC via MDQ
2017-Sep-07 17:27 NEC to MDB
2017-Aug-02 19:57 AYA to BAL
2017-Aug-02 18:41 BAL to AYA
2017-Aug-02 13:20 SAZJ to SAZO
2017-Jul-31 15:25 SAZH to SAZJ
2017-Jul-31 13:04 SAZO to SAZH
2017-Jul-25 15:59 CAY to NEC
2017-Jul-25 14:41 GVZ to CAY
2017-Jul-25 12:27 NEC to GVZ
2016-Dec-31 13:28 CAY to NEC
2016-Dec-31 11:01 NEC to CAY
2016-Dec-29 13:57 SA14 to SAZO
2016-Dec-29 12:46 SAZM to SA14
2016-Dec-29 10:41 SAZO to SAZM
2016-Dec-17 12:57 MDB to NEC
2016-Dec-17 10:38 NEC to MDB
2016-Nov-28 21:11 BAL to NEC
2016-Nov-28 19:38 NEC to BAL
2016-Nov-12 14:04 CAY to NEC
2016-Nov-12 12:41 NEC to CAY
2016-Nov-05 20:57 LBI to NEC
2016-Nov-05 15:17 NEC to LBI