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2019-Aug-09 18:48 CA84 to KNYL
2019-Aug-09 18:43 KMYF to CA84
2019-Aug-09 14:01 KNYL to KSEE
2019-Jul-26 22:53 81AZ to KNYL
2019-Jul-26 18:01 KNYL to KSDL
2019-Jul-13 13:20 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Jul-11 23:44 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Jun-07 18:02 KNYL to 05AZ
2019-May-27 19:39 KNYL to KNYL
2019-May-18 16:57 AZ39 to KNYL
2019-May-18 13:43 KNYL to KFFZ
2019-May-17 19:24 KNYL to KNYL
2019-May-11 20:20 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Apr-19 21:42 KMYF to KNYL
2019-Apr-19 20:50 F70 to KMYF
2019-Apr-19 18:33 KMYF to F70
2019-Apr-19 16:43 KNYL to KMYF
2019-Apr-19 02:50 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Mar-22 18:20 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Mar-16 18:13 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Mar-02 18:10 KCGZ to KNYL
2019-Mar-02 15:08 KNYL to KCGZ
2019-Feb-16 23:15 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Feb-09 21:25 KBXK to KNYL
2019-Feb-09 15:41 KNYL to KBXK
2019-Feb-02 17:24 P08 to KNYL
2019-Feb-02 14:27 KNYL to P08
2019-Jan-27 21:06 KCXL to KNYL
2019-Jan-27 18:23 KNYL to KCXL
2019-Jan-26 19:29 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Jan-19 21:23 KCGZ to KNYL
2019-Jan-19 18:58 KNYL to KCGZ
2019-Jan-11 22:52 KNYL to KNYL
2019-Jan-06 20:59 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Dec-24 20:45 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Dec-21 21:51 KIPL to KNYL
2018-Dec-21 19:28 KNYL to KIPL
2018-Dec-16 18:45 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Dec-10 01:20 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Dec-06 20:54 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Dec-01 23:00 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Nov-22 02:32 KCXL to KNYL
2018-Nov-21 23:49 KNYL to KCXL
2018-Nov-16 20:03 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Oct-23 17:47 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Oct-13 19:23 KDNA to KNYL
2018-Oct-13 14:29 T82 to KDNA
2018-Oct-12 20:22 TS87 to T82
2018-Oct-12 17:28 KBXA to TS87
2018-Oct-12 15:36 MS26 to KBXA
2018-Oct-12 15:09 7AL9 to KBXA
2018-Oct-12 12:20 KSPG to KBFM
2018-Oct-08 18:00 KPNS to FL14
2018-Oct-08 13:51 2R4 to KPNS
2018-Oct-07 15:07 KTKI to 2R4
2018-Oct-06 20:06 KMWL to KTKI
2018-Oct-04 18:13 KDNA to KMWL
2018-Oct-04 13:09 KNYL to KDNA
2018-Sep-29 17:16 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Sep-15 19:05 KCXP to KNYL
2018-Sep-14 13:05 KNYL to KCXP
2018-Aug-24 14:58 05AZ to KNYL
2018-Aug-10 19:33 KGEU to KNYL
2018-Aug-10 13:47 KNYL to KGEU
2018-Jul-14 00:12 AZ65 to KNYL
2018-Jul-13 23:47 KGEU to AZ65
2018-Jul-13 14:12 KNYL to KGEU
2018-Jun-23 20:48 CA76 to KNYL
2018-Jun-23 20:25 KCRQ to CA76
2018-Jun-23 17:35 KNYL to KCRQ
2018-Jun-10 16:57 KNYL to KNYL
2018-May-19 16:40 KNYL to KNYL
2018-May-05 19:24 CN64 to KNYL
2018-May-05 17:38 KNYL to CN64
2018-Apr-08 22:02 KMYF to KNYL
2018-Apr-06 17:16 KNYL to KMYF
2018-Mar-30 23:23 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Mar-17 21:55 KMYF to KNYL
2018-Mar-17 21:52 KMYF to KNYL
2018-Mar-11 21:05 KMYF to KNYL
2018-Mar-11 20:13 KMYF to KMYF
2018-Mar-11 19:24 KMYF to KMYF
2018-Mar-09 17:55 KNYL to KMYF
2018-Mar-02 19:43 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Feb-03 20:53 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Jan-28 23:14 KMYF to KNYL
2018-Jan-27 23:07 KCNO to KMYF
2018-Jan-27 19:27 KMYF to KCNO
2018-Jan-27 18:12 KMYF to KMYF
2018-Jan-26 18:07 KNYL to KMYF
2018-Jan-22 19:45 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Jan-13 01:18 03CA to KNYL
2018-Jan-12 15:15 KNYL to KMYF
2018-Jan-07 13:38 KNYL to KNYL
2018-Jan-03 20:59 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Dec-10 21:45 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Dec-09 00:15 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Dec-03 22:26 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Dec-02 14:11 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Nov-24 21:02 KIPL to KNYL
2017-Nov-24 19:14 23CN to KIPL
2017-Nov-24 18:50 KNYL to L04
2017-Nov-17 17:50 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Nov-09 15:28 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Oct-28 19:32 29AZ to KNYL
2017-Oct-28 18:53 KFFZ to E63
2017-Oct-28 16:13 AZ00 to KFFZ
2017-Oct-28 15:33 KNYL to AZ00
2017-Oct-20 21:22 4AZ8 to KNYL
2017-Oct-20 21:07 KTUS to 4AZ8
2017-Oct-20 13:53 KNYL to KTUS
2017-Oct-06 17:52 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Sep-17 21:28 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Sep-17 17:07 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Aug-27 22:46 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Aug-25 03:56 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Aug-20 18:51 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Aug-06 18:58 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Aug-04 21:02 05AZ to KMYF
2017-Jul-23 18:03 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Jul-21 22:01 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Jul-15 23:40 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Jul-09 20:54 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Jul-08 02:24 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Jun-17 03:29 KIPL to KNYL
2017-Jun-17 01:02 KNYL to KIPL
2017-May-29 20:09 KMYF to KNYL
2017-May-26 23:05 KNYL to KMYF
2017-May-20 21:00 P52 to KNYL
2017-May-20 14:23 KNYL to P52
2017-May-12 22:03 KMYF to KNYL
2017-May-03 17:17 KNYL to KMYF
2017-Apr-30 19:53 KMYF to KNYL
2017-Apr-29 18:07 KCMA to KMYF
2017-Apr-29 13:44 KNYL to KCMA
2017-Apr-15 03:23 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Apr-08 22:43 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Apr-03 00:24 05AZ to KNYL
2017-Apr-02 23:51 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Apr-02 23:51 KNYL to 05AZ
2017-Mar-24 23:04 KIPL to KNYL
2017-Mar-24 20:36 KNYL to KIPL
2017-Mar-11 22:22 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Feb-25 20:57 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Feb-17 21:13 KFFZ to KNYL
2017-Feb-17 16:29 E63 to KFFZ
2017-Feb-17 15:38 KNYL to E63
2017-Feb-04 18:49 KNYL to KNYL
2017-Jan-09 00:59 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Dec-23 20:15 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Dec-09 19:44 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Nov-27 22:04 KCXL to KNYL
2016-Nov-27 20:23 KNYL to KCXL
2016-Nov-26 22:14 KIPL to KNYL
2016-Nov-26 19:05 KNYL to KIPL
2016-Nov-21 21:00 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Nov-04 21:16 KIPL to KNYL
2016-Nov-04 18:14 KNYL to KIPL
2016-Oct-15 21:36 KRNM to KNYL
2016-Oct-15 18:26 KNYL to KRNM
2016-Oct-10 01:26 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Oct-07 18:00 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Oct-01 22:00 99AZ to KNYL
2016-Oct-01 20:57 KPRC to 99AZ
2016-Oct-01 14:23 KNYL to KPRC
2016-Sep-24 21:05 CL35 to KNYL
2016-Sep-24 16:29 KNYL to CL35
2016-Sep-17 20:15 KCXL to KNYL
2016-Sep-17 18:36 05AZ to KCXL
2016-Sep-16 23:25 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Sep-03 22:13 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Aug-21 19:32 CL36 to KNYL
2016-Aug-19 01:28 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Aug-07 20:28 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jul-30 04:32 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jul-22 16:46 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jul-15 19:06 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jun-24 22:05 5AZ8 to KNYL
2016-Jun-24 19:47 40G to KSEZ
2016-Jun-24 19:22 AZ18 to 40G
2016-Jun-24 19:15 AZ03 to KGCN
2016-Jun-24 17:54 KFLG to AZ03
2016-Jun-24 14:15 KNYL to KFLG
2016-Jun-17 19:09 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jun-07 00:32 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Jun-05 20:58 KNYL to KMYF
2016-May-29 23:26 05AZ to KNYL
2016-May-29 22:25 KMYF to 05AZ
2016-May-27 22:48 KNYL to KMYF
2016-May-22 22:21 KMYF to KNYL
2016-May-22 17:10 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Apr-23 20:37 KPAN to KNYL
2016-Apr-23 15:18 KNYL to KPAN
2016-Apr-19 01:29 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Apr-17 21:12 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Apr-17 16:49 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Apr-10 21:37 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Apr-08 18:13 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Apr-02 03:07 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Mar-27 22:10 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Mar-25 21:52 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Mar-20 21:23 05AZ to KNYL
2016-Feb-28 19:35 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Feb-26 01:27 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Feb-15 19:54 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Feb-13 00:10 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Feb-05 17:59 KNYL to KNYL
2016-Jan-30 19:59 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Jan-29 02:58 KNYL to KMYF
2016-Jan-22 21:43 KSEZ to KNYL
2016-Jan-22 19:37 AZ22 to KSEZ
2016-Jan-22 18:06 KNYL to 51AZ
2016-Jan-18 22:11 KMYF to KNYL
2016-Jan-15 21:10 L78 to KMYF
2016-Jan-15 20:08 KNYL to L78
2016-Jan-08 23:50 KEMT to KNYL
2016-Jan-08 22:31 KCNO to KEMT
2016-Jan-08 21:04 KEMT to KCNO
2016-Jan-08 19:51 L35 to KEMT
2016-Jan-08 16:54 KNYL to L35
2015-Dec-28 18:39 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Dec-23 23:40 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Dec-22 21:42 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Dec-20 21:11 L08 to KNYL
2015-Dec-20 18:05 KNYL to L08
2015-Dec-12 21:55 KCXL to KNYL
2015-Dec-12 20:07 KNYL to KCXL
2015-Dec-11 17:36 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Dec-06 23:56 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Dec-05 22:27 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Dec-04 03:03 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Nov-27 21:55 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Nov-14 19:04 KSEE to KNYL
2015-Nov-06 18:34 KNYL to KSEE
2015-Nov-01 23:46 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Oct-30 14:35 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Oct-10 19:23 KGEU to KNYL
2015-Oct-10 16:35 KNYL to KGEU
2015-Oct-06 00:50 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Sep-20 22:40 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Sep-18 22:04 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Sep-14 16:33 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Sep-11 22:19 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Sep-08 01:25 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Sep-08 01:25 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Sep-04 17:34 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Aug-09 18:19 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Jul-26 21:36 KSEE to KNYL
2015-Jul-24 19:09 KMYF to KMYF
2015-Jul-24 01:18 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Jul-20 17:58 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Jul-10 21:49 KHII to KNYL
2015-Jul-10 19:19 KNYL to AZ80
2015-Jun-27 22:29 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Jun-26 00:44 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Jun-25 01:52 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Jun-22 01:00 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Apr-29 01:24 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Apr-19 00:04 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Apr-09 03:55 KIPL to KNYL
2015-Apr-09 01:21 KNYL to KIPL
2015-Apr-08 01:55 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Mar-22 23:10 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Mar-08 19:11 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Feb-21 21:14 L77 to 73CL
2015-Feb-21 18:18 KNYL to L77
2015-Feb-08 22:29 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Feb-07 23:05 KNYL to KMYF
2015-Feb-07 02:15 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Feb-06 20:25 KNYL to KNYL
2015-Jan-25 23:59 KMYF to KNYL
2015-Jan-23 20:24 KNYL to KMYF
2014-Dec-22 21:26 KNYL to KSEE
2014-Dec-21 18:25 KNYL to KNYL
2014-Nov-30 21:58 L77 to KNYL
2014-Nov-30 18:56 KNYL to L77
2014-Nov-29 19:03 KNYL to KNYL
2014-Nov-24 17:18 KTCC to KSEZ