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1947 Luscombe 8E

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luscombe8e's Flights
2020-Jul-09 18:21 PA58 to W73
2020-Jun-01 16:21 52PN to W73
2020-May-23 20:19 W73 to W73
2020-Feb-23 07:59 KHLX to KDMW
2020-Feb-20 08:26 KHLX to KDMW
2020-Feb-20 06:17 89VA to KHLX
2020-Feb-20 05:26 KDMW to 89VA
2020-Feb-17 20:31 KHSP to W73
2020-Feb-17 18:19 4MD7 to KHSP
2020-Jan-31 18:55 S37 to W73
2020-Jan-31 16:25 W73 to S37
2019-Nov-03 17:46 8PN9 to W73
2019-Nov-01 14:46 PA08 to W73
2019-Nov-01 13:18 W73 to PA08
2019-Oct-28 19:32 KDMW to W73
2019-Oct-28 17:56 KWWD to KDMW
2019-Oct-28 13:26 W73 to KWWD
2019-Oct-25 15:30 3PN2 to W73
2019-May-06 17:19 W73 to W73
2019-Mar-19 16:45 W73 to W73
2019-Jan-07 19:39 KDMW to KDMW
2018-Dec-18 14:14 W73 to W73
2018-Dec-07 18:52 W73 to W73
2018-Dec-07 15:30 W73 to W73
2018-Oct-30 18:25 W73 to W73
2018-Oct-18 16:14 W73 to W73
2018-Oct-18 13:13 W73 to W73
2018-Oct-03 18:05 W73 to W73
2018-Jul-13 19:19 KASJ to 33MD
2018-Jul-13 18:35 15NC to KASJ
2018-Jul-13 18:11 KPMZ to 15NC
2018-Jul-13 17:01 NC73 to KPMZ
2018-Jul-13 16:47 W95 to 64NR
2018-Jul-11 14:59 MD42 to W95
2018-Jun-16 14:42 KDMW to KHLX
2018-Jan-31 16:21 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Nov-15 05:26 KMMU to KDMW
2017-Nov-15 01:45 KMGW to KMMU
2017-Nov-14 23:42 KDMW to KMGW
2017-Oct-25 15:23 89NJ to KDMW
2017-Oct-25 13:15 KDMW to KACY
2017-Oct-21 21:58 30GA to KDMW
2017-Oct-20 23:14 9VA5 to KCNI
2017-Oct-20 23:00 7MD3 to 01VA
2017-Sep-28 12:57 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Sep-25 16:00 KFDK to 33MD
2017-Sep-25 14:49 33MD to KFDK
2017-Sep-16 21:17 KOXB to 33MD
2017-Sep-16 18:59 33MD to KOXB
2017-Aug-23 16:20 KCHS to KDMW
2017-Aug-20 06:22 9NC6 to KCHS
2017-Aug-20 03:55 KDMW to KPOB
2017-Aug-19 01:23 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Aug-18 23:48 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Jul-27 21:45 KDMW to 33MD
2017-Jul-27 20:38 33MD to KDMW
2017-Jun-26 23:46 KDMW to 33MD
2017-Apr-15 16:21 KLNS to KDMW
2017-Apr-15 13:48 KLNS to KLNS
2017-Apr-15 11:04 KDMW to KLNS
2017-Apr-03 15:34 KTTN to KDMW
2017-Apr-03 12:39 33MD to KTTN
2017-Mar-06 00:36 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Feb-27 14:30 KDMW to KMTN
2017-Feb-19 23:54 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Feb-19 18:54 KMTN to 33MD
2017-Feb-19 18:01 33MD to KMTN
2017-Feb-15 23:27 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Feb-08 04:10 KCHO to KDMW
2017-Feb-08 00:56 KDMW to KCHO
2017-Feb-06 00:58 KOKV to KDMW
2017-Feb-05 23:51 KDMW to KOKV
2017-Feb-01 00:16 KDMW to KDMW
2017-Jan-16 00:26 WV21 to KDMW
2017-Jan-16 00:26 WV21 to WV21
2017-Jan-15 23:48 KDMW to MD32
2016-Dec-28 01:00 KDMW to KDMW
2016-Dec-21 00:44 KDMW to KDMW
2016-Dec-04 21:20 KDMW to KDMW
2015-Nov-27 20:08 33MD to 33MD